The kilt 1st appeared as great Kilt, Breacan, or Belted plats, in the 16th century. The name Kilt is a range of skirt-like garments with pleats at the rear. In the nineteenth century, the kilts were connected with a comprehensive Scottish heritage. Kilts are typically made of Woolen fabric having different tartan patterns.

Scottish and Irish Kilts are the most demanding in the market. Kilts are regularly worn at ceremonial occasions and the Highland games. In the Modern era, Kilts are also worn as a legacy of old-age clothing.

Kilts are lively tartan designs and show the prosperity of the wearer. Kilts were either decorated in various check tartan designs or plain wool. These traditional dresses were a practical form of clothing nowadays.

Some examples:

  • The Traditional Garment, commonly found in USA and Scotland. (Found in Historical and in Modern Versions).
  • The Irish kilt (Single color kilt worn by Irish pipe bands).
  • Skirts as a Girls School Uniform
  • Variants of the Scottish kilt urbanized in other Celtic realms, Like Welsh Cilt and the Cornish Cilt.